Sunday, 28 March 2010

Breath of fresh air

Recycling is a trend. Unfortunately trend is starting to turn against itself, as recycling and enviroment friendly are terms easily and light heartedly used in any marketing and advertising. I tried to make Real Finds in Etsy as well as from web, and 80% I managed to come across was something from the grey zone- something which possibly was recycled, but most likely not, word has just been tagged in to create traffic. Other option I found in my travels was recycled odd items- purely recycled but with no usage purpose, something to purchase to be ecofriendly (but how ecofriendly one can be just by purchasing something with no use or need?) My personal red flag also is too expensive upcycled items- why would I want to pay more for a recycled button ring (plastic button attached to a kinder egg ring) than for a truly handmade silver ring?

Thankfully I found some true crafters! There are still some clever ideas around and clever crafters to make them. This week I chose some of my favorites, have a look and be surprised what can be done!


 Bird cage by Paperleaves

This is a blank pop-up greeting card made from recycled and repurposed paper. A tiny red bird sits on its perch in an open cage.

Rug like my grandma used to make- by Emmeli Works

Do your fitted sheets wear out faster than your top sheets? Mine do. The good news is that I am left with high thread count sheets that have past their prime for my bed, but still have a lot of love to give. I add all the used fabric I can find that matches (in addition to sheets, this rug contains some shirts, pants and even a poly/cotton shower curtain) then I render that fabric into strips and knot them together using the toothbrush method. A beautiful, soft and durable rug is created! 

Recycled rice sack by Panbeh

Recycled basmati rice sack shopping bag . Burlap outer shell and red cotton inside. Great for shopping and going out! 

Piano Key Belt Buckle Recycled Licence Plates -

These little baby piano keys are cut from license plates so you can walk, dance, or drive to your own music!
I've designed these buckles with bits of vintage, retired, and found-alongside-the-road vehicle license plates, mostly from the state of Michigan [although Ohio has worked its way in here and there]. These plates have traveled places, and now they will again!


Lady Liberty -Hand painted upcycled decoupage decorf art canister

The eco-friendly recycled materials used in this item are: a tin can, magazine clippings, recycled paper, and yogi tea tags. This lovely, symbolic piece displays a silver 1890 coin with Lady Liberty upon it and then an illustration of Lady Liberty in her flowing white dress nurturing an injured dove (symbolizing peace); pink tulips and exotic flowers surround the dove. Lady Liberty's hand is also depicted pulling a white rope which represents the strength of liberty; as well as her delicate smile of hope.


farimahthebaglover said...

Thank you for featuring my basmati bag!

MYSAVIOR said...


You have wonderful taste in all of your recylced objects of art. I had fun looking through the shops.

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Thank you for featuring my art and shop!