Monday, 5 April 2010

Happy Easter everyone!

Easter time is important celebration for us Christians, and during the celebrations one tries to think and ponder about Christianity and the mercy of God. There are parts of bible that are difficult to understand, so difficult questions to answer that when humans have tried we've only managed to split the churches up to different houses, to different sides of Christianity.  In a case we can not figure something out we should remember the simple fact;  the truth comes from child's mouth! 

I got an email from my dear friend few weeks ago, and it still gives me giggles. It is the 10 commandments from the child's mouth. There used to be series of books where teachers collected information from school tests from their students, and I do have a hunch this email could be part of those books. As this email have now travelled around the world, I took the opportunity to introduce it here, unfortunately I do not have details of original source.

Here are the 10 commandments from child's point of view:

1. Do not steal from poor people if they notice it. (Frida, 6 years)
2. Do not give onions to little babies. I've tried once. (Thea, 7 years)
3. You can only hit someone when you really have to. (Henriette, 7 years)
4.  Do not bad mouth anyone when standing next to them. (Oscar, 7 years)
5. Try to be as nice as you can be, you can do everything else after. (Glenn, 6 years)
6. Always listen to your mother, especially the tone she uses. (Thomas, 7 years)
7. Protect yourself.  (Kristin, 8 years)
8. If someone hits you, pretend you didn't hear it. (Sebastian, 6 years)
9. Love God very much, even when it is difficult and he does not show up when you shout "Come and show yourself"! (Robin, 6 years)
10. Do not lust after your spouses things. And you have to sing on Mother's Day, other wise there'll be unbeliavable row. (Tom, 9 years)

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MYSAVIOR said...

Thanks Riikka - I laughed out loud - a rarity for me.

Children are a true gift from God.