Friday, 28 August 2009

New Slippers

Let me proudly present; this is the last order which I’ve just finished. 3 pairs of slippers were an order and extra 2 for our new Etsy shop-Knit Matters. All except one made from Novita Huopanen and Hahtuvainen, felting yarns which are such a pleasure to work with. The purple pair was painful though, customer wanted to have ladybird decorations, and after several attempts, even after working with Fimo; I only managed to create a red pizza or wonky black dotted skull with legs, which had my 6-year old son and his friends in hysterics. After this encouraging encounter I decided to keep ladybirds simple and decorative only... With the other ones I’ve tried different things with, Fimo buttons/bases etc.

Welcome to Knit Matters!

Due to family circumstances we had to relocate, and I’ve just landed in the island of Crete, which itself is not a bad option at all, but it also meant I had to leave my dear friends and knitting club behind. Knitting club was up and running only for a short period, as me and co-founder in club and Knit Matters Jenny, decided to act on behalf our dear hobby only about a year ago. Because I can not take part of our club’s weekly meetings, we decided to meet up this way instead, by updating our progress and this way keeping in touch. This would also allow me and Jenny to keep up with Knit Matters together, and brag about latest yarn purchases as well as knitting orders we’ve finished.

So let me introduce my part of Knit Matters; My name is Riikka, I’m 33 years old and I’m from Finland. I’ve been knitting since I was 11 (the basic’s in knitting and other crafts are taught to us in primary school), but I do have to admit after being forced to knit a pair of woolly gloves, where the end result was stunningly bright pink yarn (think 80’s) with tears and snot covering the finishing results and other glove being 3 times bigger than other, I swore not to knit ever again. This oath lasted until few years later my older sister waltzed in to our kitchen wearing a stunning hand knitted jumper, which of course I wanted to have! More importantly I wanted to learn to make one. So after quite many painful attempts and endless advice from both, my mother and sister, I finished off my first jumper and haven’t stopped since. I now-a-day knit whilst watching TV, sunbathing etc. I use all methods, crocheting, knitting, felting and due to my first experience with gloves made from synthetic fiber which created so much static electricity I could have saved lives and sell them to survival kits all over the world (did I already mention being part of girl scouts also) I use only natural fibers and good quality yarns. I’ m most well known from my slippers and cardigans, I love wearing them, hence my obsession with these items.

I met Jenny, the co-founder, in Wales few years back, and if I though my life was over taken by stacks of yarn and new patters, I was now overwhelmed with the endless supply of ideas, yarns and patterns she had! No need to mention we became good friends very fast. We set up our knitting club, took few orders here and there and also decided to set up Knit Matters as Ebay shop, selling Finnish Novita yarns and ready made items. My relocation changed the plans completely, so here we are with out new plans, brand new Etsy shop, blog etc.

The reason why we stock Novita yarns and why we love them is fairly simple. Yarns are excellent quality, and the yarns are also reasonably priced. I hate setting my eyes on a cardigan pattern and finding out that the yarn options will send me to the brink of bankruptcy and divorce (my dear husband has given in to the fact that house is covered with yarns, knitting needles, pattern books, all merrily covered in woolly fluff, but even he has set some limits to my bad habits). Novita yarns have been around for the last 80-years, which also mean yarns are made for usage, they are durable, most are machine washable (hooray!) and they last very well. Everything a mad knitter needs!