Friday, 25 September 2009

Rain, sharks and new yarns

It’s raining again. And we have another lot of visitors. It looks like Crete Aquarium will become the hot spot and saving grace for rainy days! It seems to suit everyone from Grandma to teenage cousins. This weeks picture is from shark section, they are just mesmerizing creatures. I can not get my head around the fact, that their skin looks so soft, and even, whilst glimmering with all shades of brown and grey, and in reality it is as soft as sanding paper…
I managed to finish off the second shawl, made with Garnstudio’s Drops yarn and pattern. I’m not 100% happy with it though, I think I’ll need to make it slightly longer to suit my customer. I’m waiting for her judgement re this matter. I also had a look into Garnstudio’s new yarn, Baby Merino. I’m glad to see baby yarns are not just in different shades of pink and blue, they’ve actually added some deeper colours on shade map too, even including black! I’ll have a look if I can get my hands on some of the new yarn shortly.
I’ve also started making a new pair of slippers, this time with Novita Huopanen mix, which is their superb felting yarn. This yarn is mixture of black and white, and so far it looks good. I’m waiting impatiently to see how it works when felted. I’ll keep you updated.

Monday, 21 September 2009

I have just finished knitting a pair of socks with Novita Nalle Marjaretki yarn. You can check the yarn and colours out in and my finished product as on picire in This yarn has same brilliant build in stripes as Novita sock yarn had already on previous season, but there is new added feature- yarn has been treated with Aloe Vera! The idea of wearing comfy warm socks, with healing effect is just lush! The added pleasure is that again yarn is not too thick, I just hate wearing items which would give me a claustrophobic heat stroke and sweat attack in a split second.
My son has just started his new school and thankfully he seems to enjoy it. I’ve simultaneously started my business studies, and have tried to divide my time between knitting, Etsy and studies. This has been surprisingly hard, after this somewhat lazy summer my body and mind has decided to defer to a state of coma! This has of course happened without my agreement and knowledge! I’ll now have to work hard to keep up, and avoid the afternoon stare, where I’m just staring a page of my school book, with only thing moving and growing is the dribble hanging from the corner of my mouth. But beware and shake with fear and awe, I’ll conquer the study books and Etsy one day! I’ll finish my blog for today with this brave note and start my new life by conquering the chocolate cake my hubby just brought in, fresh from bakery!

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Thunderstorms and lace patterns

This week has been busy and full of rain and thunderstorms. They say there is normally not much rain in the summer months in Greece, but this week has proven it wrong, there's been 4 days of clouds, mist, coldness and rain. We've enjoyed it, but I can see the problem being there for tourists, when they've paid for week's sunshine filled holiday, and got only few days of glorious beach life.

I've finished one of my orders on this week, and I'm half way through the other shawl, lace pattern made with Kid Silk yarn and another GarnStudio pattern. I have more time to knit now, as everyone is hurdled indoors, away from rain, stucked in front of telly and boxes of chocolates and crisps.

We've also had a rare visitors from UK, our family is here for a week, which has meant they've whole heartedly entertained my son and dog, and I've whole heartedly abused this rare opportunity and turned into a statue like host, refusing to leave my corner of sofa for any other given reason than picking a new ball of yarn. To be honest I've also given in to few temptations, a chocolate ice cream was loudly calling me as well as did the few pizza slices. Not my fault by any means, I blame visiting family for it.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Riikka's week

This week has been busy, we've had some visitors, suffered in a small heat wave and also I've worked hard to promote our Etsy shop by joining in I love, Ravelry etc and in the mean while I've also tried to hunt down pattern ideas for my banana- silk yarn I've had in my stock since 1969 (approx of course...but that's how it feels and I do not like to leave yarns unknitted (is that a word)). So far hunt has been desperate, and unfortunately not that successful. But I'll be strong and conquer this matter eventually. Please let me know if you have some ideas for patterns or etsy shops!

I have also started with my latest knitting order, lace styles shawl. The attached picture is from the project being half way through. I've followed pattern by Garn studios, and also used their yarns for this as that was what my customers wished as we had to match the colour of yarn to her new dress. I do have to admit, shawl is stunning, I'm nearly done with it so will keep you updated. This project has been slightly hot to deal with, yarn is a mix of Cotton Viscose and Alpaca, and with this heat wave it has been a pretty good exercise to knit it, I sure that on my diet terms this means I can take second helping of chocolate cake!

Jenny's week

I've been teaching (antenatal classes) in Exeter this week where I took the opportunity of going to FibreFest at Coldharbour Mill which was fab. I bought some gorgeous silk from KnitWitches (who are actually based about three miles from me) and am now wondering what to knit with it. Works in progress -- lace christening shawl, knitted bag, lace shawl, bamboo socks, jumper for husband .... ulp -- think I need to finish something before I start another!