Monday, 21 September 2009

I have just finished knitting a pair of socks with Novita Nalle Marjaretki yarn. You can check the yarn and colours out in and my finished product as on picire in This yarn has same brilliant build in stripes as Novita sock yarn had already on previous season, but there is new added feature- yarn has been treated with Aloe Vera! The idea of wearing comfy warm socks, with healing effect is just lush! The added pleasure is that again yarn is not too thick, I just hate wearing items which would give me a claustrophobic heat stroke and sweat attack in a split second.
My son has just started his new school and thankfully he seems to enjoy it. I’ve simultaneously started my business studies, and have tried to divide my time between knitting, Etsy and studies. This has been surprisingly hard, after this somewhat lazy summer my body and mind has decided to defer to a state of coma! This has of course happened without my agreement and knowledge! I’ll now have to work hard to keep up, and avoid the afternoon stare, where I’m just staring a page of my school book, with only thing moving and growing is the dribble hanging from the corner of my mouth. But beware and shake with fear and awe, I’ll conquer the study books and Etsy one day! I’ll finish my blog for today with this brave note and start my new life by conquering the chocolate cake my hubby just brought in, fresh from bakery!

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