Saturday, 5 December 2009

I have an idea-join me!

Even though living our day to day life can be hard, even stressful and nerve racking at the best of times, we should come through with flying colours as long as we dress right, be polite to our neighbours, eat well but not too much, exercise regulary, remember the animal rights and global warming, our kid's collage funds and our pensions, and regular contact with family and friends. That's about it, I think.

I also know, I fail all this terribly most of the time. If I can achieve most of these tasks in one week, by Friday I will at least fall flat on my face on top of chocolate cake and complete non-educational tv-program where celebreties have to eat live bugs.

This week has been hard one, not just because I could not watch the last episode of mentioned tv-series, but because all real life plans seemed to fail on me. Again. This has sent me to dark moods, black clothes and to much cake. Even my polar bear husband has understood this, and kept his distance. Looking back, I know there should have been things I should have done differently and by concentrating only on my own problems I have selfishly shut out the outside world. This is the moment where my idea jumps in: as we are closing on Christmas, I've decided to make someone else's life easier, sort of Pay it Forward style. So hereby I challenge all of you to do the same. Let's spend the next 3 weeks quietly helping others, going the extra mile, either with concrete help, and/or prayers; just to make someone else happy! Let's just concentrate on others, the rest will follow. Leave your note of your good deeds on my comments, My 6 year old son will choose the Kindest Act (Remember child will see the truth) and I'll announce the Kindest Act on the last week of this year. The Kindest Act will win one of these mobile phone cases!

Remember treat others as you wish to be treated yourself and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. And as my son says "it's not about winning it about taking apart" !!