Sunday, 11 April 2010

Spring time

For such a long time I've lived in countries where the change of seasons has been more suttle, more invisible. Finland has been covered with so much snow this winter and these masses of snow are now fast melting. This spring has left me in awe- everything around me has changed by hour! The change is brutal and strong. At the moment there is plenty of mud, dirty, grey snow with muddy puddles everywhere, nature looks like it's been caught naked.

In the same time there is this strong sense and smell of new life, air is full of nest building birds and their tweets and beeps, creeks are running with new power after the pressure of ice and one can nearly hear the trees stretching their bent branches and twigs, getting ready to push the new leaves out ready for summer.

I'm starting to get itchy too, I'm ready to build my own nest! This year's relocation is forgotten, I need my own home now, and my hubby by my side. In reality, this is nearly nimpossible for us at the moment, so I've pushed my extra energy to knitting; I've several things on needles, and in more plans in my head colours, styles and ideas.

This soft orange invites me to make more slippers! Yarn is my favorite felting yarn, Huopanen by Novita, and the only negative thing is, that I do not have more hands to knit few projects in same time!

My mum found this Regia silk yarn, char coal black yarn. Such a pleasure to knit with, and to wear I'd imagine! cardi is soft, but not flimsy. I knitted a basic bolero with soft ruffled neckline, as soon as I'll have a model I'll be adding it into my shop!

This is the reason I love knitting. Out of the odd chaos, mixed colours and little bit TLC, one can create some sense, something unique and individual. This item will be added into my shop soon too, as I'm nearly done with it. These are sleeves to summery cardigan. Check out my shop soon, and you'll see the finished result.

Ironic enough, due to relocation adn spring time I'm knitting more than ever- but I can not add my items to my shop without available model, someone to help me out!


SHEILA said...

Just like the seasons, life changes whether we are ready or not. I admire you for keeping a positive attitude about all the changes in your life. Your newest creations are lovely

MYSAVIOR said...

I truly enjoyed reading your blog entry. Thank you, Riikka. I pray that your nest will be built soon.