Saturday, 6 March 2010

We've have arrived back to my home land, back to Finland. They've had a record breaking winter, there is so much snow everywhere. Everyone else seems to be fed up with it, expect my son and my dog (dog hasn't come across with snow before, and now there's enough for him to get drowned in it!).

We're happy and tired of course, and missing my hubby terribly. I'm all excited though, as I now have full access to beautiful yarns and spinners, and more importantly to salmiak, salty liqurice! There is a possibility, that when my hubby joins us, he'll be greeted by gigantic woolly whale!LOL!

Red handspun yarn by Coolclimates

This week I've collected some items from fellow Scandinavian Etsians, Swedish and Norweigian designs. It's good to be home, and be surrounded by all these pretty items!

Red Tree by Carambatak, Oslo, Norway

Colourful scarf by Ingermaaike, Norway listing_id=28795080

My new design, silk and wool blend scarf and cable knit hat, soon to be listed in

Capital of Finland, Helsinki by Syko

handmade leather travel journal by Leathermaps


heartshapedcreations said...

Wonderful creations!!! Thanx so much for sharing :-}

ingermaaike said...

What a fun woolly selection, thank you :-D