Saturday, 20 March 2010

Mad about knitting

Large Color Explosion Drawstring Knitting / Crafting / Gift Bag
Depending the country I've been living in, knitting has been either casted boring, old fashioned or something anyone under 60 wouldn't consider. I do not know if this strerotype is because of our dear grand-mums and great aunts used to knit and sew all the time, passing the skills and also the odd coloured and ill fitted jumpers and other products.

My Granny was typical war time warrior woman, nothing got wasted, everything was recycled way before it became fashionable to be ethical consumer. She use to crochet bath rugs etc from empty coffee bags and other durable materials. How we used to hate them, and hide them when our friends came around, they seemed so cheap and tacky then. Now-a-days they would be fashionable, and ethical items, I just saw a those rugs and shopping bags being on sale in local handycraft shop!       

                                                                                       Easter Bunny Egg Cosy,


The fact is knitting and crocheting are small miracles- you only need yarn, needles and some knots and loops and hey presto- a jumper is born. In it's own simplicity, knitting is easy way to create something on your own, something that has your touch, your mark from the start to finish.

This week I'm celebrating this form of art, and self-expression, by introducing you to some fellow crafters and their needle work. All of these artist can be found from




Beautiful, crazy adorable, cocoon and hat- photography prop-


 As you can see, one can produce felt, crochet, knit, bowls, hats, shawls, socks, jumpers,egg warmers with one piece of yarn. It is pure magic!





Celtic Knot Felted Bowl,


Buckthorn Jumper,











Hand Knit Ecru Lace Shawl,,



MYSAVIOR said...

What wonderful artists you all are. I marvel at your talents. What a beautiful blessing.


Dawn of LaTouchables said...

Beautiful creations, all of them!

ingermaaike said...

I am in awe of what people create with just some nifty knotting!

Penrose Designs said...

Beautiful choices! I just started crocheting again and I love it!

VeganCraftastic said...

Thanks for featuring my knitting bag!

Eco-Friendly Freckles said...

Wow, all of these hand-crafted items are works of art! I especially love the baby cocoon and adorable! :-D

Rebecca - iceblueberries said...

Great article! I remember my great-grandmother used to always be knitting mittens (without a pattern!). When we were kids, it seemed like we had an endless supply of pairs. Now, I only have one pair left that she made, and I treasure it!