Saturday, 24 October 2009

What a week! I think this has been the busiest week in this autumn; we had to find a new house, start packing, finish lot of orders and do my test for my Business studies. I managed to rummage through, and I do think I deserve a chocolate cake now! And a good old chunky slice too!

Here are my latest additions for the shop and the other orders, I’ve finished up this week as pictured, few socks men and kid’s as well as shawl for my dear mother. Thankfully she was here to help me out with day to day life. Bless her, she must have had a great holiday; I was either knitting, surfing in net or studying whilst she took care of the rest. Having said that, I have realised, that after the birth the her grand child I've lost my importance in her pecking order...

I have also come across this shop in Etsy (I know I know, I should have spent the time packing up and studying for the test, but girls gotta do what girls gotta do!). I liked this shop and had a giggle- the perfect Twilight t-shirt prints one can get! Not too girly, teenage and pink for us middle aged (I grimace as I write it down, I hate that word and definition of it….) fans! So of course I had to celebrate and treat my friend with one of these, she is the one who I can blame for my Twilight –obsession, and as she’ll be the one wearing it I’m the one who can have a giggle!

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