Friday, 9 October 2009

Knitting with Vampires

Hello again, and my apologies for late update!

We have all been ill; we have suffered in the fangs of one of the nasty flue bugs which has been popping around amongst our holidaymaker visitors and work colleagues. So beginning of last week was spent nursing husband (read: suffered from Extremely Lethal Man Flue) as well as son (read: The One Who Learnt from the Best Man Flue Sufferers), as well as friend who was here on holiday and of course last but no means the least, Me. I spent my illness-hours feeling guilty of not being able to knit until good friend passed me a book that just swiped me off my feet! And this happened totally against my agreement and better knowledge! Anna Karenina and Dorian Gray just flew out of the window as there were replaced by teenage vampires! So here by I confess: I’ve read all four of Stephenie Meyers Twilight series, and I’m completely hooked with them! This is embarrassing really as I’m not a teenager anymore, even though I wish I would be one if it would be an advantage in the eyes of Robert Pattinson, the one who plays Edward in the badly made film. Yes, I’ve seen already gobbled up the film too. And yes I've also visited the fan page.

After fever, snot and vampire filled week, I’ve returned to my true form as established mother, wife and knitter and I have finished another order for slippers, this is the one with new Novita Huopanen mix-yarn, as well as fingerless gloves made with Novita Nalle Marjaretki. Both orders just flew by- both yarns are such a pleasure to knit with! I can also proudly confirm I’ve made my first Etsy sale, my shop is, as well as I’ve received some new inquiries about custom made items, cardigans, slippers and gloves!! I like knitting the orders; these will keep me so busy my affection to Twilight has to stay at bay. At least until the new film is released…

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