Friday, 15 January 2010

New Year, New Beginnings

We've returned to the normal routines of our ordinary life! It actually feels good to be back at home, and to jump back to normality. Having said that, our lives never occure to be normal. This week we are dog-sitting (last week it was combined house-horses-dogs-sitting) for a 6 months old puppy Max, whose owner has gone on holiday. He keeps running riot around our older dog Charlie. I can forgive all the accidents, including the smelly ones, but Max has now commited the cardinal mistake of attacking my stacks of yarn, and that is a mistake that is not easily forgiven. My hopes to get a new dog addition to our family have vanished nearly completely- I would not have patience to deal with the mess just now. That is unless someone introduces me to a puppy who hates yarns and wool, my son's toys and hubby's shoes- oh and who automatically knows the toilet issues too! Having said that, I do really love them, bless their smelly socks!

I will also confirm the winner for my Christmas Pay it Forward competition- Sue is the winner and I wish her Happy Birthday as well as plenty of blessings for the surgery on 18th of Jan!

Regarding the knitting, I do have some new ideas. As a mum, my child's safety is always in my mind. When in Finland I noticed most of us wearing a good old safety reflector, and I thought to add some reflectors to my accessories as an extra additional bonus and safety measure. First item is out, second is waiting for a model to arrive and help me out (my son profoundly refuses to model for girly hat, and I can not fight with that).

These are some logistic I found from this web site, they also have some stunning reflector styles & models on sale including the ones I've used myself.

At night, the human eye only works at 5% of its usual capacity, which is a frightening fact and makes road safety measures all the more important. With a reflector our visibility can go from 100 to 300 metres with high beams and from 20 to 150 metres with low beams.
A person dies on our roads every 97 seconds – a simple gesture like wearing a reflector can help us stay safe and reduce the number of fatalities.


MYSAVIOR said...


You do the most beautiful knit work!!
Thank you for mentioning me on your blog and your well wishes for my surgery. I know that when I am going to go under that anesthesia, I will feel the love of the Lord because of all of your prayers.


Anonymous said...

Very cool hat! I have a cat that loves to get in my ribbon and pompom stash so I completely understand! Bloomfield Beads