Saturday, 28 November 2009

Yesterday I was The Mother of the Year. I woke up with joy and serenity in my heart, took dog out, fed my son, floated around the house like Stepford Wife, drove to school in car filled with mine and neighbours kids singing Abba (bear in mind this was 7.30 am) on top of their lungs, floated effortlessly around absolutely erratic Greek traffic without loosing my temper at all (which is a achievement itself, and I should earn a medal just doing the traffic without loosing my temper, as in a good day the National Road, and Iraklion town is like driving in a war zone), came home, did 3 loads of washing, baked and cleaned the house (even the cracks on floor tiles which can only be done in all fours!!!), had a power walk, picked son from school, took mine and 3 other dogs to beach for a run and after all that did some knitting to my Etsy shop. I know, I know, I did surprise myself with this all, but I knew I had talent somewhere! After all that family effort, I decided to accept my friend’s invitation for a girl’s night out –to go and watch New Moon in cinemas. Film did not do justice to the book, but hey, at least it was filled with pleasant scenes…

This morning I’ve returned to reality, I and son are still in pyjamas, house is a mess and I’m spending all of my Loving and Caring Mother time in Etsy instead. I did come across with few lovely items though, have a look to my fellow Finnish artist Karuski’s shop and especially to this handbag:
How funky is that! I just love it, the colours and the style and tone of it; it’s a prober ladylike bag, there to make your evening that much more pleasurable! It wouldn’t matter if you were in boring party, I’d be happy every time I’d just glance that bag!

I did give these as a hint to my hubby for my Christmas present, have a look at the other one at one9designs' shop, a fellow CAC member.
This stack of rings would also make my day! So basic, understated but so pretty.

I think hubby took my hints well. And at least I did show my true colours yesterday (today he is out and about, so my pyjamas can stay on, and all the rubbish can be cleared later), and by all books he has to show his appreciation somehow! Having said that, my Stepfordniness pops up only once a year, and it leaves even me in awe. I should spread the effort evenly for better results, but hey that would be too predictable, I like to keep him on his toes….

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Jonna said...

Ymärrän ymärrän! Samat tuntemukset täälläkin useasti. Joskus saa tosi paljon aikaan ja toisaalta ei saa laitettua edes vaatteita päälle. Mutta täytyy sallia itselle sellaisiakin rentoutumispäiviä jotka viettää yöpuku päällä lorvaillen:-)